Wednesday, January 1, 2014

how to: layer an outfit for cold weather.

After spending some time back in Ohio for the holidays, I was reminded of how difficult it can be to dress for cold weather. Especially when stopping by the homes of family and friends where you have zero control over the thermostat. I'm convinced this is the exact reason why layering became a 'thing'.

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As you navigate through chilly, stuffy, boiling hot and frigid homes, the key to good layering is being able to assemble an outfit that looks great no matter how many (or how few) layers you have on. 
  1. Choose a flannel, graphic tunic or simple blouse as your first layer. They're able to stand alone and you can even fashionably roll the sleeves if/when it gets too warm.
  2. Layer sweaters with different thicknesses to help adapt to whatever temperature that comes your way. I always go thin pullover and add a thicker cardigan I can use however I need to. It's less obvious than hanging out in your coat and can be worn with or without the lighter weight sweater. 
  3. Opt for leather or suede shoes you can wear socks with. After being properly sprayed, these shoe coverings keep feet dry in case of snow, sleet or rain. And if you choose shoe types that allow socks (i.e. combat boots, booties, oxfords), you won't run the risk of having frozen toes if the host requires everyone to leave their shoes at the door. 

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